Fantasy writer and English teacher in Italy


Alexandra Wendt is a writer of adult fantasy, currently working on her next novel. She has contributed to the site featuring women in the arts, Art She Says.

She has her bachelor's in Art History and English, as well as her master's in Italian Renaissance Art, which she completed during a year-long study in Florence. She also lived in Siena for a year, developing a love for Italian life and also surviving viewing the famous Palio horse race from the center of the piazza.

Alex would like to publish books inspired by her love for art history, Italy, and all things fantastical and mysterious. When she's not writing, she can be found feeding her obsession for Victorian literature or playing her flute.



Fantasy (adult and young adult) that explores different worlds, ties together art and magic, with a dash of humor and romance.



Living in Italy as an American, my travels, updates on my writing, and other stories and notes that catch my fancy.



Teaching--English and art history.

Art history--Renaissance, late medieval, Italian.

Research--Catholic theology, medieval sainthood, iconography, semiotics.

My current project

Clockpunk fantasy (adult): A dispossessed noblewoman joins a group of criminals to steal a world-altering piece of technology, but the real price of restoring her family’s honor might be her soul.

My current post

Being an American under lockdown in Italy during the coronavirus pandemic: my perspective on the growth of the outbreak and what it's like living in quarantine.

My current job

I received my TEFL certification and am currently seeking English teaching positions, especially for those who would like to learn English tailored to the art history field.