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April 2018 Review and May Goals

In order to try to get myself to blog more, I'm going to start doing reviews of my writing progress each month as well as goals for the next month. Starting here, with a review of what I've accomplished in April.

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My big goal for this spring was to reach 50,000 words in my new WIP by the time I leave Italy in May. (*sad face*) I'm happy to say I've surpassed that and am now up to 65,000 words! Could I actually finish this book before I leave? It's going to be a little shorter than my target word count, for sure, so if I keep at the pace I've been going (1k words a day), I think I might actually finish it sometime next week...

This month I also made the decision to hire a professional editor for the first time. I've been dragging my feet about this, but finally decided it's time to put some serious monetary investment into my writing. For how long and how hard I've worked, it's worth it. Perhaps it goes against the usual advice and protocol to return to working on a project after you've been querying, but that's what I'm going to do, because I believe in my Dante WIP and I've worked WAY too long and hard on this project alone to let it die without giving it every chance. I don't think I've queried it enough to completely shoot myself in the foot, so to speak, if I do some more revisions then put it back through the trenches. There are still plenty of agents it might be a good fit for. *crosses fingers*

The only other major thing I've been working on lately is my blog post about my year abroad. It's pretty long, though hopefully not unreasonably so--I mean, it does attempt to cover nine months of my life. Rather than try to summarize all my incredible experiences and lessons learned, I've focused the post around a word that has guided this whole year: serendipity. I'll be posting it in a couple weeks, on the day I leave (EGADS.) Like a former post of mine "The Brooklyn Trees of Our Lives," it does strip me bare a little bit, but hopefully the sentiments will resonate with you all on some level.


Most of this month will consist of me moving back to the States for seven months, and adjusting to both reverse culture shock and my new summer routine (which will mainly be preparing for art history and Italian evaluations I have to take at the start of my Master's program.)

I'm also hoping to get back into working out, something I used to do regularly but then stopped during this year in Italy. I used to do competitive swimming when I was younger, so I'm hoping to do that again (minus the competitive part), as well as more yoga. As amazing and freeing as this year has been without much of a set routine, I am a very routine-oriented person so I'm looking forward to getting some structure back in my life as well as incorporate some healthy changes.

Writing-wise, all I really want to do is keep working on my high fantasy WIP so I can get it finished and set aside before my editor returns my Dante WIP. So it probably won't be a terribly productive month with writing, but I need to do a lot of organizing.

What have you accomplished lately, and what are some goals you've recently set?


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