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#WIPjoy Compilation

I've been participating in #WIPjoy, a month-long celebration of writers' works-in-progresses. Each day, we had a specific prompt to follow:

I'd first like to thank Bethany Jennings for putting this together. WIPs can be difficult to get through at times, especially when you're still on the first draft stage, so this has been a wonderful way to not only keep my passion for my current WIP ignited, but also see what other writers are up to.

There's only one more day left, but feel free to check out the feed on Twitter or play catch-up if you haven't been able to participate yet! Below, I have the full compilation of my responses for Shore of Darkness ("Dante WIP") a YA fantasy set in Italy and inspired by Dante's Inferno and my love of art history.

Intro Week

1. Tell us about your WIP!
Mine is about a group of people who can wield art as magic. Italy. Art History. Yeah.

2. Introduce your protagonist's awesomeness!
(Part I): Gina Berardinelli. Artist. Extrovert. Passionate about life and will do anything to protect her friends.

Character aesthetics for Gina--all images taken from Pixabay.
(Part II): Cosimo De Laurentiis. Photographer. Pacifist. Wants to get away from overbearing parents.

Character aesthetics for Cosimo--all images taken from Pixabay.

3. Share a line showing your WIP's atmosphere.
Rage and fear swirled inside me. Part of me was revolted, but another, much larger, part welcomed it, embraced the power from it.

4. Share a line about one of your WIP's main emotions.
"If I were truly stubborn, I'd be home now." I hadn't meant to bring the mood down, but there it was. Unadulterated homesickness.

Character Week

5. The character you relate to most, and why.
I probably relate to secondary character Kala the most. We're both introverted, shy, and would always rather be reading.

6. A character who shares a flaw with you.
Gina has a hard time letting go of the past and moving on. Also has a sharp tongue. Kinda like her author...

7. Did you base anyone off a real person?
Consciously, none of my characters are based off real people (in this book). They're more of a conglomeration of things.

8. Share a line that shows a character's sense of humor.
"You look like you've been sucking on a lemon."
"Must be like looking in a mirror."
Not my best line, but it gave her a scowl.

9. Which character/s would you want to be roommates with?
I'd be roommates with Anamaria because she's quirky and would watch weird movies like O Brother, Where Art Thou? with me.

10. Share a line that makes you want to hug a character.
"Well, that's why I'm sitting with you--to get to know you. I hate to see people sit alone. I thought you could use a friend."

11. A minor character with author-headcanon you adore.
Sweet, absentminded Anamaria is actually thinking snarky, sarcastic thoughts about everyone all the time.

Beginnings and Endings Week

12. Share a chapter beginning you love.
"Do we get to steal Dante's death mask? Uncover a secret in Botticelli's Map of Hell?"
"Don't be ridiculous," Anamaria sniffed.

13. How do you want readers to view the protagonist at the beginning? -- and at the end?
I want people to see Gina as someone who's cautious/naive at first, then grows in confidence and realizes her true potential.

14. Share a line where a character tries something new.
I thought we could just speed on forever and go far away from here, become one with the starlight and dreams of this world.  <---What I wasn't able to put on Twitter: Yes, it's a Vespa ride with Mr. Italian Love Interest. You can judge me. I judge me.

15. What grabs you about your premise?
I like my premise because the MC doesn't want to leave her normal life behind, but is forced to test her limits.

16. What sticks with you about the ending?
No ending yet, but if the planned one stays, it's supposed to be the darkest/saddest one I've ever written. So...that'll stick!  <---Update: It is. I killed off two prominent characters, and part of my soul died in the process.

17. At the end, how has your protagonist made you proud?
My protagonist will find a place for herself in her new world and learn to rely on herself more than other people.  <---Update: This sounds like a good thing, but it isn't. Not...completely.

18. Share a chapter end you love.
"It's always the ones who seem the most vulnerable and get overlooked."
"No. It's always the ones who love the strongest."

Random Fun Week!

19. Does your WIP have a contagonist?
Does my WIP have a contagonist? *Googles meaning* But now I want one!

20. Share a line that mentions food.
For a story set in Italy, there are surprisingly few mentions of food.

21. Does the weather or nature act as an antagonist at any point?
(Venice, acqua alta): "The city's flooding. If he wants a bottle of limoncello, let him have it. Think of it like a pacifier."  <---Unapologetically taken from my own experience.

22. Share a line about a smell.
The roads were narrow and winding, and the air, tinged with a sea smell, whipped around my hair as we cut through it.

23. Is this a kissing book? ;)
Maaayybbee. ;) I usually end up cutting most, if not all, of my romance as I revise, though, because it feels too insta-y. We'll see.

24. Tell us something your character would hate us to know (mwahaha).
People have hurt Gina a lot more than she lets on. Currently she would also like to punch Cosimo--but that's not much of a secret.

25. Do your characters feel like your... Friends? Kids? Both? Something else entirely?
In one way my characters feel like my friends, but really they're just actual people I know very, very well.

Encouragement Week

26. What keeps you working on this WIP?
I keep working on this because of the world I've created--I figured out how to use my love of art history in writing.

27. What threatens your writing joy? How do you combat it?
Doubt. Am I good enough? Is this even worth it? I combat it by telling that nagging voice to shut up. Then I keep writing.

28. What do you want the future book cover to be like? (If you already have one, share!)
A picture of Tuscany would be nice, since that's the primary location. Or, one of the art pieces featured--preferably by Giotto.

29. What's the best thing people can say to you about this WIP?
The best thing people could say about this WIP is "You've gotten me interested in art history!" &/or "I F**KING LOVE ITALIAN MEN."

30. What are you planning for your next WIP after this one?
I'm doing some research for a steampunk high fantasy right now. Also considering some short stories set in the world of current WIP.

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